The Four Temperaments of Personality, Galen

All people are based The Four Temperaments of Personality, all things are combinations of four basic elements, earth, air, fire and water

the qualities of these elements can be found in four corresponding humours (Fluids) that affect the functioning of our bodies.

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These humours also affect our emotions and behavior – our “temperaments”

Temperaments problems are caused by an imbalance in our humours.

so by restoring the balance of our humours a physician can cure our emational and behaviors problems.

imbalance in the humours determine personality type as well as inclinations toward certain illness.

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Galen’s Four Temperaments of Psychology

Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and and melancholic are based of humours in the body

if the one of the humours develops excessively, the corresponding personality type begins to dominate


sad, fearful, depressed, and artistic


A phlegmatic person, suffering from excess phlegm (phlegmatikos in greek) is quite, kind, cool, rational and consistent, but can be slow and shy

Slow, Quiet, Shy, Rational, and Consistent.


Fiery, Energetic and passionate


A sanguine person has too much warm-hearted, cheerful, optimistic and confident, but can be selfish

Imbalance in the humours according galen.

according to galen, people are born predisposed to certain temperaments, however, since temperamental problem are caused by imbalances of the humours, he claimed they can be cured by diet and exercise.

in more extreme cases, cures may include purging and blood – letting. for example a person acting selfishly s over sanguine, and has too much blood

this is remedied by cutting down on meat, or by making small cuts into the veins to release blood.

Galen’s doctrines of Psychology

Caludius Galenius, better known as “Galen of Pergamon (now bergama in turkey) was a roman physician, Surgeon and Philosopher

Galen’s doctrines dominated medicine until renaissance. when they began to decline in the light of better research.

in 1543 the physician andreas vesalius (1514 -1564). practicing in Italy, found more 200 errors in galen’s descriptions of anatomy.

but although galen’s medical ideas were discredited, he later influenced 20th- century psychologists in 1947.

Hans Eysenck Concluded that temperament is biologically based. and note that two personality traits he identified – neuroticism and extroversion – echoed the ancient temperaments.

Although Humourism is no longer part of psychology, galen idea that many pyhsical and mental illnesses are connected form the basis of some modern therapies

Conclusion of Temperaments of Personality

we can conclude that each temperament in each of us is different, but there are more dominant.

for example my nature is more melancholic, so the innate is always to take a feeling always, the negative is always to feel insecure.

therefore the character and character of people are different, some are easily upset, some are very sad, some are always happy.

if we recognize each of our characters, we will recognize each potential.

whether our potential is in accordance with our talents and our fields, whether our character fits our work.

if so we will easily work because our job is in related with our talents and also can master it easily

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