There is a reasoning soul in this machine, Rene decartes

there is a great difference between mind and body so there is a reasoning soul in this machine.

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An analogy for the mind

Taking this inspiration from french formal gardens of Versailles, with their hydraulic systems that supply water to the gardens and their elaborate fountains.

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Descartes describes the spirits of the body operating the nerves and muscles like the force of water, and “by this means to cause motion in all the parts”, The Fountains were controlled by a fountaineer, and here descartes found and an analogy for the mind.

He explained “there is reasoning soul in this machine; it has its principal site in the brain, where it is like the fountaineer who must be at the reservoir, whither all the pipes of the machine are extended, when he wishes to start, stop. or in some way alter their action.

Mind and Body Dualism

The mind and the body are separate, the body is a material mechanical machine, this mind (or soul) is immaterial, but seated in the pineal gland of the brain, the mind can control the physical body by causing “animal spirits” to flow through the nervous system.

Rene Descartes theory which concluded that the body and soul are separate but still related to the mind

so the mind is the task of connecting to each part of the body, and the other task is connecting to our souls.

therefore we have a different soul from ordinary beings, because our thoughts are special, our soul is special

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