Proverb Arabic English, A

Proverb Arabic English, A

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Ability has no school, Turkish


Practice abstinence, for riches will not last. South Lebanese

A lean man who is not hungry is harder than brass. Arabic


When everyone tells you you are an ass, thank God and bray. Moorish


First befriend the dog. Maltese

He whom you know is better than he whom you do noy know. Tunisian

isi tof (Note A similar Tunisian proverb goes “The wors those whom you know is better than the best of those

you do not know.”)



What does Acre care for the swell of the sea?  Lebanese



The planting of one tree is worth the prayers of a whole year. Turkish


Good deeds cut off tongues. Arabic


In haste is regret, in slowness peace. Tunisian


Adaptability That which bends does not break. South Lebanese


Throw a man into the sea and he will become a fish. Tunisian


He who changes his ways loses his happiness. Syrian




The foot that is too swift must be cut off. Judaeo-Arabic


Advice Good advice is worth a camel. Lebanese


Seek advice from the old, and then do the opposite. Tunisian


Too much advice gives rise to enmity. Tunisian


Belajar Bahasa Arab Online

Ask advice from a thousand men, ignore the advice of a Hi thousand more, then go back to your original decision.  Lebanese

Too much advice and the suspicion arises: what does he want? Medieval Arabic


The man who follows his wife’s advice will never look on God’s face. Maltese

The man who has drunk once from the springs of Africa will drink from them again. Arabic

When you reach forty a new ailment is suffered every year. Arabic



One hair added to another makes a beard. Lebanese

The man who wants to get drunk does not count the 4 glasses. Medieval Arabic

When a drunkard smells a pomegranate he wants it to sin. Medieval Arabic


An ambassador suffers no fall. Turkish


To get what you want you must be prepared to kiss a dog on its mouth. Tunisian

Wield your sword and become an Emir, feed the poor and become a Shaikh. Lebanese

Climb like a cucumber, fall like an auberge. Arabic

He who rides a horse of wind with legs of wax melts in – the sun. Maltese


yon fall in love, fall in love with a prince, if you steal, steal silk, and if you knock at a door, knock at the door of a great man, so that when they revile you it will be for something big. Lebanese

No tree has ever reached the sky. Syrian

Every falcon dies with his eye fixed on his prey. Arabic

The camel that took for horns will lose his ears. Turkish

Stretch your feet only as your blanket allows. Turkish Every illiterate dreams of being prime minister, Turkish To lick the sky with the tongue. Arabic

(Nate A common proverbial expression carrying the same meaning as “reach for the moon’.)

If you can’t get what you want, want what you can ” get! Lebanese

Anger Sweeter than honey is anger, Turkish A beggar’s


Not everything round is a nut, not everything long is a banana. Lebanese .

The oleander is beautiful, the oleander is bitter. Moroccan

The’house may be imposing, but God knows what is Li inside it. Omani


An impotent man and a barren woman: where does the | child come from? Moorish


Eat what you like, but dress like everybody else. South . Lebinese



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