Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords, Related Word

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

Google doesn’t use LSI anymore, because it’s someone else’s technology 89, but Google doesn’t use related terms, so it’s still related words, but the foundation that uses the term LSI is because of Copyright.

What is LSI used for ?, to enrich, to enrich keywords

So what is meant is an explanation, explanation in each paragraph related to keywords, that is what defines our keywords,

for example is srikaya,

the location of the LSI name is, you must explain from Srikaya, the definition of the keyword srikaya must be clearly

purpose, form, and others.

The explanation of these keywords is called Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI), in Google’s eyes srikaya is fruit and jam,


If you include fruit, then don’t enter the terms bread, coconut milk, brown sugar, trigu, then what is meant in this srikaya is jam not about fruit, because the supporting words for srikaya are bread, cakes, eggs, coconut milk, brown sugar and flour.


then the function of Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI) or called Related Word from the Google language.

When discussing synonyms, then use the Miss Fruit, Soursop


Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI) corresponding in Paraghragph, Their location is also in search description, Subheading and so on.

How to Robot Goole Read Latent Semantic or Related Word
So Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI) is only to help keywords in paragraph form.

other examples of Latent Semantic or Related Word are Apple, Apple there are two, Iphone and Fruit Name

So in fact the google robot is only a robot that is not smart, what makes it smart is ourselves, so to explain what Apple means, our goal is Latent Semantic or Related Word which we explain in each paragraph.


Youtube Source Blog Tips

Latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI) is short for Latent Semantic Indexing which is verified by Google’s algorithm as a special aspect of the ranking method in SERP. Momentary LSI Keywords are keywords that are related to important keywords. Often said to be the synonym for important keywords, LSI keywords include several other things, either directly or indirectly related to important keywords. LSI maps to find links between keywords based on the search scheme and the behavior of several users. With that reasoning, Google focuses on the meaning of each word and its relationship to other sentences, which is said to be semasiological or semantic knowledge.

This method is able to steadily get rid of some low-quality content that is only filled with keywords here and there but has no associated content (often termed ‘keyword shooting or’ keyword theft). Therefore, talking about keyword content, we must also tackle the problem. Keywords: Density that is summed up literally as the depth of the keyword, keyword density explains how many times a keyword is mentioned in an article. percentage.

Suppose we have a 5000 word article with the keyword “ice cream” which is called around 10x, therefore the keyword density for “ice cream” is 2%. If it is written as 20%, then the density of the keyword is 4% and so on. And this is how we connect all of the above into one good article design for SEO: Determine important keywords that are optimized for Search keyword content from important keywords based on search queries or related keywords. we will review in the article. You can get this manually or use the contribution of existing LSI tools. Google it. Make articles that are high quality, comfortable to read and (if possible) long. If necessary and possible, v combine articles with images, tables, videos and several other types of content Optimize the mention of keywords and LSI keywords in the article so that Google recognizes what keywords are most related to the article that, but make sure it’s somewhere between 2-3% to avoid a density penalty.


Are Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI) still important?
yes because LSI is a supporting word for the main keyword, Ahref currently reads it as a Related Word to support the main keyword,


Tools Related Word / LSI
use Google Cloud Natural Language and this tool is free only works for English

so when writing, write smart

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