English Friday Khutbah Sermon, Pray ( sholat ) is the best deeds

Pray ( sholat ) is the best deeds

Jamaah jumah rahimakumullah, that insya Allah always under mercies and guide of Allah, and we never stop to say thanks to Allah that always give us iman and islam, this is the best gift that Allah give to His worshipper. We hope that we are the one of them who got His guidelines until rest of my life.

In this great chance, we us  khotib inviting everyone attend here , lets add more our iman and taqwa to Allah SWT. Taqwa means always try to remembering Allah in every condition with dzikir and doing every His regulation of islam. And Taqwa means always involve Allah in every problem, with praying and asking help  only from Him. So with this we will get peach in our life.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said :

“ سدّدواو, وقاربوا, واعملوا, انّ خير اعمالكم الصّلاة ولا يحافضوا علي الوضوء الا مؤمن”

Do as the truth, and ( try to ) close with it, do your best, and you have to know that truly the best of deed is pray ( sholat ), and there is no one keep their wudlu except mukmin.”

Prophet Muhammad SAW said : سدّدواو

Means essence of istiqomah is always in truth, in good, always try to keep every world, every want, every what we do in kindness, like a man when aiming targets, he will force himself to do the best that he can do, till no miss at all.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said : وقاربوا ( try to be closer with the truth)

means, if you cant doing the truth, minimum you should be a man who try to be closer with the truth, but always on fire to doing true and  on targets. So if we are not realy in true, or we are out of target, insyaAllah we still close with it, but all of this out of our will, and without mean to do that

Like Prophet Muhammad SAW said :

يا ايّها النّاس انّكم لن تفعلوا او لن تطيقوا- كلّ ما امرتم به, ولكن سدّدواو وابشرو

“ all of you can’t doing anything, and you are not be able to complete all of His command, but do the best for the truth and fell happy (with your reward)”

Prophet Muhammad SAW said : واعملوا (doing good deed)

means a muslim should do deed the best, with ikhlas and follow prophet Muhammad SAW, he always do the best that he can do with his potency.

And he should choice the best of good deeds, and he has to prefer most important from them, because in islam many kind of deeds, so this why he has to choice the best one.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said : انّ خير اعمالكم الصّلاة

Means, you have to know that the best of deeds is Pray ( Sholat ) that is Prophet Muhammad SAW said. Because this is one of pillar of Islamic religion, sholat is place for pray, and sholat is become a measure for other deeds, means, if their sholat is good insyaAllah another of Their deeds will be great, but upset down about it if his sholat is bad, another of their deeds will be bad also,

And Sholat will be a light for someone, for his family, and also become a light in here after, as prophet Muhammad said, الصّلاة نور  and Sholat is Light.

And sholat become distinction between people who believe in Allah or no, and sholat can attract berkah, in this life, and also sholat will be the first deed  that will be count in here after

Prophet Muhammad SAW order us to remind our children for sholat, when they are 7 years old,

Prophet Muhammad SAW said :

مروا الصبى بالصّلاة ادا بلغ سبع سنىن, و ادا بلغ عشر سنىن فاضربوه علىها

“order you children for sholat when they are 7 years old, and if they are 10 years old strike them.”

The meaning of strike here is not for hurting, but for educating them. This is education from prophet Muhammad and this is education of islam, that’s always remind us and uor family for sholat, and wajib for us to reminding them about solat, we don’t allow them for leaving sholat, not only our children, but also everybody that we handle, like our servant, driver, our gardener, laso wajib for us to take care of them, and always reminding them for 5 time of sholat.


Muslim has to feeling deeply afraid if he leave a sholat, because the people who leave sholat has been doing a big mistake. This mistake has a really big sin in Allah side then killing, steal, and also bigger than sin of zina            . or drink a alcohol. Someone who leave his sholat will get punishment from Allah in this earth and also here after.

Saikhul islam ibnu taimiyyah said : someone who didn’t do sholat wajib he must get big punishment, according to agreement of leaders of muslim, and also from majority of ulama’ like imam Malik, imam Syafi’I, imam Ahmad rahimahummullah, and others, and obligated for him to taubat, and if he done already (so he will free from his punishment), and if not, capital punishment will be obligate for him.

Syaikh Al-labani said : someone who leave his sholat because of lazy, he is still muslim, as long as there is nothing that he hide inside his heart, or something that showing that, and he passed away before taubat come to him. And this is realy much happen in this era,

But there is another ulama’ who has other objection that “ a man who leave his sholat he will not be killed, but he will get into jail or do taubat, this objection from Az-Zuhri, Umar bin abdul aziz, Imam abu hanifah.

But we have to remember always, only Ulul Amri (Muslim Government) can do dhit punishment.

And we have to sholat as prophet Muhammad SAW. He said :

صلوا كما رايتموني اصلى

“ pray (sholatlah) same as you see I prayed “

So as we know still there are many people, don’t understand properly how to sholat as prophet Muhammad order, and we as brother of muslim must remind each other and share our knowlage, moreover this is about Sholat the most importand deed.

And we hope that Allah always give us power to do His order in every condition, Amin yarobbal alamin

انّ احسن الكلام

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