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kali ini pada halaman ini saya akan merangkum materi bahasa inggris untuk pemula pdf agar kita kita bisa share versi PDF, sementara kita akan share materi berikut, kita sebut sebagai percakapan bahasa inggris, adapaun materi bahasa inggris untuk pemula berikut ini dirangkum oleh Dini, Pengajar Bahasa Inggris di Pon Pes Dalwa



A: Assalamua’alaikum.                                     B: Wa’alaikumsalam

A: Are you a teacher?                                    B: No, I’m not a teacher. But I’m a student

A: What is your name?                                   B: My name is Fatimah

A: Who is you father?                                   B: My father is Abdullah

A: How old are you?                                       B: I am 16 years old

A: Where do you live?                                    B: I live at raci village

A: With whom do you live?                            B: I live with my father, my mother and my brothers and sisters.

A: Where are you going now?                        B: I am going to market.

A: What will you want there?                       B: My father asks me to buy coffee seed and sugar.

A: Where is your brother?                            B: He is at home with my mother.

A: Does he study?                                           B: No, he does not. He is still child.

A: How old is he?                                            B: He is one years old exactly.

A: Can he walk?                                               B: No, but he can creeping.

A: Can he talk?                                                B: Not yet, but he only can say “abah,abah”, and he not say another word except it.

A: Where is your sister?                                B: She is sewing clothes at backroom.

A: Where is the servant?                              B: She is sweeping the yard.

A: How is she sweeping it?                             B: She sweeping it by broom.

Student:                                          Market:                                            Sewing: Teacher:                                          Coffee seed:                                    Servant: Father:                                             Sugar:                                              Clothes: Mother:                                            Home:                                               Sweeping: Sister:                                               Walk:                                                Yard: Brother:                                           Creeping:                                        Broom: Village:                                             Talk:                                                 Child:  



 1. Greeting (Ungkapan Salam)

Ungkapan sapaan/salam dibagi menjadi 2 yaitu Formal dan Informal Greeting. Formal greeting biasanya digunakan pada situasi resmi formal atau belum familiar sedangkan Informal Greeting digunakan pada situasi santai, biasanya sudah familiar atau kenal dengan lawan bicara dan tidak resmi.

Formal Greetings Good morning Good day/noon Good afternoon Good evening (time frame)Responses Good morning Good day/noon Good afternoon Good eveningMeaning – Selamat pagi – Selamat Siang(jam12) -Selamat Siang -Selamat petang/sore/malam
Informal Greetings Hi Hello How are you? How is life?   How do you do? How is everything with you?   How are you doing   Nice to meet youResponses Hi Hello I’m fine Not bad, thanks   How do you do? Pretty well. Thanks   I am very well thanks   Nice to meet you, tooMeaning –      Hai –      Halo –      Bagaimana kabarnya?Baik-baik saja –      Bagaimana kabarnya?baik saja, terima kasih Apa Kabar –      Bagaimana kabarnya denganmu?baik-baik saja terima kasih      – Bagaimana kabarmu? Saya baik-baik saja terima kasih            –   Senang berjumpa denganmu/senang berjumpa denganmu juga


  2. Leave taking/partings

Sama halnya dengan Greeting di atas, Ungkapan Pamitan/perpisahan juga terdiri dari Formal dan informal.

Formal Partings Good night Nice to see you It’s nice to meet you Good byeResponses Good night Nice to see you, too Nice to meet you, too Good byeMeaning Selamat malam/tidur Senang berjumpa denganmu == Selamat tinggal
Informal Partings Bye Bye-bye See you later See you tomorrow Good luck   Take careResponses Bye Bye-bye See you See you Thank you   You tooMeaning Selamat tinggal == Sampai jumpa lagi Sampai ketemu lagi besok Semoga berhasil Terima kasih Hati-hati di jalan Kamu juga

Catatan :

1.   Good morning digunakan dari jam 00.00 s/d 12.00 (Jam 00 dini hari sampai dengan 12 siang)

2.   Good day/noon diucapkan jam 12.00

3.   Good afternoon digunakan dari setelah jam 12.00 s/d 18.00

4.   Good Evening dipakai dari jam 18.00 s/d 24.00(00.00)

5.   Good night digunakan untuk mengucapkan selamat berpisah/selamat tidur.

6.   P.m. (post merediem) = dari jam 12.00 siang s/d 24.00 malam

7.   A.m (Ante merediem) = dari jam 24.00/00.00 s/d 12.00 siang

8.   Di Indonesia menggunakan jam sistem 24 jam sedangkan di Inggris/Amerika menggunakan sistem 12 jam dengan menggunakan a.m dan p.m untuk membedakan malam dan siang.


Contoh Dialog Greeting and leave taking :

STOP BILANG HELLO Cara nyapamu gitu2 aja Howdy !Great to see youLook! Who it is?Yo, what’s up?Long time no seeWhat’s new?Hei buddy!G’day mate!   Other expressions of parting FarewellSee ya !See you soonTake careUntil we meet againUntil next time

Dialog 1

Maryam                               : Good morning, Ms. Kamila.

Ms. Kamila           : Good morning Maryam.

Maryam                               : How are you, miss Kamila?

Ms. Kamila            : Very well, thank you. How about you?

Maryam                : I’m fine too.

Ms. Kamila           : Well, I hope you’re doing great, Maryam.

                              By the way, I need to get to the classroom now.

                              I”ll catch you later after class.

Maryam                               : See you later Miss Kamila.

Dialog 2

Aisyah                  : “Good evening everyone!”

Fatim                   : “Aisyah where have you been?

We’ve been waiting for you!”

Aisyah                  : “Ooh. I’m so so sorry.”

Fatim                    : “Yes you are so late. Sarah is just about to go.”

Sarah                   : “Yeah, sorry but I’m already very tired.

 I need to go home and get some rest.

    Good night guys.”

A&F                       : “Good night Sarah.”

Fatim                    : Thanks for coming.”


– LIFE (laif) merupakan kata benda (noun) yang artinya kehidupan

– LIVE (liv) merupakan kata kerja (verb) yang artinya hidup atau tinggal

– LIVE dapat berfungsi sebagai kata sifat (adj) dan kata keterangan (adverb).

Namun cara membacanya adalah “laif” sama dengan LIFE.

Example : LIVE STREAMING yang artinya siaran langsung



A: Assalamualaikum                                                        B: Wa’alaikumsalam

A: Is your mom in the house ?                                     B: Yes, she is in the house, please come in.

A: Thank you so much.                                                  B: My mother is still praying, please wait for a moment.

A: Ok. I will be waiting for her.                                   B: My name is Fatimah. What is your name?

    What is your name girl ?

A: My name is Aisyah                                                    B: Where do you come from?

A: I came from outside of the  city                           B: How do you come here?

A: I came here by car                                                   B: Where is your car now ?

A: I parked it on the street                                         B: Who is guarding it there?

 beside the restaurant

A: The driver is guarding the car                                B : Would you drink coffee or tea ?

A: No, no. Don’t bother yourself,                                B: Would you like to drink ice water?

Please just give me a glass of water,

 if you don’t mind because I’m very thirsty.             

A: No, thank you very much.                                        B: Why ?

I don’t drink ice.

A: The doctor said I’m forbidden to drink it.           B: That she is. My mother has prayed.

   Boiled water will be enough for me.



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