4 reasons why you find it difficult to manage finances

There are some mindsets or your subconscious mind that bothers you so you can’t manage finances,

Here will be explained 4 reasons that make it very difficult for you to manage finances.


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1. Expenditures are always greater than income


Maybe we feel that our salary is less, 3 million is less, 4 million is less, 5 million, until  up to 10 million we feel it is less. The problem is not that your salary is not enough, but that your expenses are always bigger, that’s the main problem.

Why are you getting more and more extravagant, because your income goes up, your lifestyle goes up, and that indicates something is not right in your mindset.


2. High shopping desire


Every you see something, you definitely want to buy it, you see your friend buy a motorbike, you wants to change a motorbike, see your friend buy a laptop you want to change a laptop, seeing your friend has a new gadget, you want to get the new one.

In this case, the lucky one is the product owner, not you,

So whatever your salary, whatever your income, it’s will gone.

That’s the problem, namely the desire to spend that can’t be controlled.


3. Lifestyle and prestige that continues to rise


Long time eating at stalls, now I eat at depots, depots are not enough you move to restaurants, restaurants are not enough you move to malls, malls are not enough for you move to five-star hotels, just keep going up.

Used to eat 10,000 is enough, now 100,000 is less.

The reason is for Instagram content to be liked by friends, so that people will be branded as rich.

Millennials are weird sometimes, it’s more important to look rich than to be rich.

That’s a Millennial problem, therefore it’s best if this ever-rising lifestyle and prestige must be considered.


Remember, when you were poor are they wanted to help you? No,

Did the one who gave you the like want to lend you money? No,

If one day your parents get sick are they donate too? No,

Who can? It’s You alone.


4. Only depend on the source of income


For example, you just depends on salary, if you are husband and wife, it’s good to be  your wife has a source of income,

So you have another source of income, like become a reseller, drop-shipper, taxi, selling at stalls, or whatever it is, the important thing is that you have a second income, as long as you don’t join the money game, if you join the money game, it’s really bad.

So whatever the important side job is halal, surely your money will continue to grow, your source of income will increase, and your processing of expenses will improve one day.

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